What is SEO(search engine optimisation) and why it is needed for our blog.

WHAT IS SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION) ANY WHY IT IS NEEDED FOR OUR BLOG. Search engine optimization or SEO can be defined as  a set of rules that can be followed by... Read more »

Link your blog/website to google analytics to analyse your site traffic and real time users and many more.

In this article i will talk about google analytics. Google analytics is a free platform where you can submit your blog/website to completely analyise your sites traffic, real time users, users per... Read more »

Fix robot. Txt problem of your blog on google and how to add sitemap of your website/blog on google.

Many of we find that whenever we search our website/blog on google, sometimes it gives an error saying there is a problem with sites robot. Txt problem. I have already written on... Read more »

Link your blog/website to google search console

     Many of us have a website or a blog and we all want to earn some money from our website or either from our blog but we dont get much traffic... Read more »