Change any laptop into a touch screen laptop within minutes.

Yes you heard it right, you can change any laptop into a touch screen laptop with this amaizing gadget. Isnt it cool. Everyones loves a touch screen laptop but what if you are using a an old laptop. You want to buy a new latop but cant buy due to any reason watever may be. So here i am with a gadget that will change your laptop into a touch screen laptop within minutes.

The gadget is AIRBAR gadget. 

Airbar gadget is very quick to set up. Just plug in the codes of airbar to your laptop and fix the airbar gadget at the bottom of your laptop, thats it and your laptop will change into a touch screen laptop.Airbar works best with laptops running windows 10.

How Airbar works?

Actually Airbar emits an invisible light that detects your fingers activity on laptop screen and functions accordingly.Two magnets are placed at the bottom of thr airbar to stick airbar to your laptop. Just remove the papers above the two magnets and attach thr airbar to thr bottom of your laptops screeen. Look at the screenshots below how to attach the airbar to your laptops screen.

After you have attached the airbar, leave it to its place and enjoy. You laptop is now changed to a touch screen laptop.
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