One of the easiest way to remove footer credit link from any template without redirection in 2 mins. No coding required, new method.

You too might be using free templates but what if you see its credit link at the footer. You are annoyed for sure. You want to put your own link but unfortunately you are not able to. You searched for lots of articles on how to remove it but again you didnt find and working tricks. So if you want to remove credit link of any template, then you are at the right place. I worked a lot on this method and luckily i found one of the best methods to remove footer credit link of templates, its as easy as anything. You dont have to do anything or put codes and javascripts to remove any code. It will just take 2 minutes to remove it amd i guarantee it will work 1000%.

There are many template websites likes goyabitemplates, templatesyard, protemplates, soratemplates, theme expose etc which provide stylish templates free as well as paid. So if you buy premium version of the template, you can easily remove the credit link, everything is assecible but if you are using its free version then you cant remove its credit link, if you are trying to remove its credit link by any means, then as soon as you open your blog ypur site will be redirected to the templates official website.

There are lot of older methods to remove credit link from the template.

One is style = “visibility:hidden” (not working in all the cases) 

And the other is to remove all the source codes and put a javascript code. But as far as i know, if you remove all the source codes, then some of the widgets of your template will not work and also it will not work efficiently.

So here is one of the easiest and best methods to remove credit link from any template.

Here are the steps –
 1.If you are usimg blogger, log in to ypur blogger account.
2.Click on theme.
3.Click on edit html.
4.Press ctrl+f to find #lower-wrapper or #footer-wrapper.
Note- Name may vary from theme to theme.

Note – The name of the copyright class will differ from theme to theme, its your duty to find the class copyright or watever its name may be.

5.Now find class copyright
6.Now reduce the padding size to 0px.
7.Reduce the font size to 0px.
Thats it now your footer link will be hidden without any redirection.

If you find any issues, let me know in the comment box below, i will solve it for you.

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