What is domain name | How to get domain name for your blog|How to link domain to your blog.


Any name registered to DNS is a domain name or in other words a domain name is the adress from where the users can access your site directly. A domain name is used to identify and find computers on the internet. Computers use Ip adress which are a series of numbers and therefore it is difficult for humans to remember. Therefore domain names are used instead of ip addresses to identify entities on the internet.
A domain name can be anything what you choose, a combinatiom of numbers, or letters etc with extention of. Com,. In.. Net,. Org etc. A domain name is something that is something like a unique name. If you bied a domain and linked it to your blog, no one other will have the same name as your domain. So whenever a user has to find something, they will search your domain name directly from the search engines and they can easily browse your site.
For example – www.yourdomain.com
It can be anything in place of your domain, whatever you like. 
However domain names cannot be bied for free and you have to pay  to buy them for your website or blog.
You can also get domain names with extention of. Tk,. Ml,. Ca etc from FREENOM. COM but i would recommend you to get paid domains such as. Com or. Net etc bacause it reflects your websites professionality.


You can buy domains for your blogs from sites such as GODADDY. COM, BIGROCK. COM, NAMECHEAP. COM, DOMAIN. COM ETC. There are several websites from where you can buy your domain names. Just follow the simple steps of sign up and buy a domain name from any of these sites. In recent times godaddy is providing domains with. Com extention at a very cheap price. So if you dont want to spend lot of money on buying domains, buy domains with. Com extention from godaddy or bigrock. 


Now you have bied your domain but thats not all if have to know how to link that domain to your blog. Its nothing like that you bied a domain and its automitically linked to your blog. You have to manage DNS settings in order to link your domain to blog. 
So i will explain here how to link your domain names to your blog for blogger. Since you will be using blogger as a beginner so i will explain step by step Guide to link your domain to your blogger blog. 
Here are the steps – 
1- Log in to the site from where you have bied your domain. If you bied it from godaddy, log in to yours godaddy account.. 
2- Click on your bied domain name and find manage dns settings under your domain name. 
3-Now log in to your bloggers account and click on settings and further click on user settings.. 
4- Under user settings click on blog adress and further click on third party url.. 
5.Enter the full name of the domain you have bied. After entering you will get an error message saying to link 2 CNAMES Under your registrars dns settings. So copy that 2 Cnames that will be provided in the error message and again log in to yours account from where you have bied your domain and under dns settings add 2 cnames and paste the names you got on blogger.. Be sure that you add Cnames. In most of the cases there are A names by default, make sure that you change it to cname. 
6- Now head back to blogger and click on instructions in the error message. You will be provided with 4 ip addresses. Copy all the 4 ip address. 
7-Now again log in your account from where you bied your domain and under dns settings add 4 A names not cnames. You have already added to 2 cnames, now you have to add A names.Paste all the 4 copied ip adrees under Anames in the target folder and save changes.. 
8-Come back to your bloggers account and click in save. 
Thats it your domain name is linked to your blog. 
Now you have a unique name to your blog that is domain name. 

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